Roberto Mazza

Dr. Roberto Mazza is currently Lecturer at the University of Limerick, Ireland, and a Research Associate at SOAS University of London. He has published two books with IB Tauris, in 2009 Jerusalem from the Ottomans to the British, and in 2011 Jerusalem in World War I: the Palestine Diary of a European Consul. Dr. Mazza has also published several articles on the Jerusalem Quarterly and recently on First World Studies ‟For God and La Patrie: Antonin Jaussen, Dominican Priest and French intelligence agent in the Middle East, 1914-1920”. Dr Mazza has also worked on urban violence and a chapter in relation to the Nebi Musa Riots that occurred in Jerusalem 1920 has been published in Urban Violence in the Middle East: Changing Cityscapes in the Transition from Empire to Nation State. Dr. Mazza has recently written a chapter on the evacuation of the Jews of Jaffa in 1917 published in Syria in World War I. Currently Dr. Mazza is working on a large new project on the urban planning of Jerusalem from 1917 to 1926.