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40 000 €Objectif

Participatory Financing 25 May-27 June 2020

Thank you !

For the first of our two annual participatory fundraising campaigns, our goal of 30,000 euros was reached thanks to your contributions. We realize how much effort this represents for many of you. We thank you very much. Without your generous participation, Orient XXI would simply not exist. This newspaper is yours, without this formula being a commercial argument since it is free and belongs only to those who read it and finance it.

The pandemic has shown the strengths and weaknesses of our societies. Some communities have come together, others are sinking deeper into the difficulties that the health circumstances have aggravated in recent months. Our network of newspapers and journalists in the Maghreb and the Middle East have told us how misery and authoritarianism have flourished on the wave of the pandemic. We consider it our moral duty to support our colleagues in difficulty and to continue to say what we believe to be arbitrary and unjust, as well as to promote solidarity and defend international law.

Until tomorrow and the following days...

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